To you, the viewer of our humble homepage, we bit a hearty hello. Team Critical Mass is a competitor in the FIRST Robotics Competition, a nationwide event held to inspire young adults to excellence in science and engineering. As participants, we are called to be innovators and use this opportunity to become more well rounded.

As a third year team, we are now beginning to settle into the grove of competition, focusing on doing better every year. Each year’s team is made up of students from East Valley Institute of Technology’s class for electronic’s, each student endowed to help out with different aspects of the team. Some assume leadership roles, while others relegate themselves  to just do certain tasks. All of their efforts put together create the team we aspire to be.

However, we know that any hubris on our part (thinking ourselves to be prety great) will only lead us “to the dark side” (that of course, being in last). So here’s to excellence in this year’s competition.

We’ll update as needs warrant.

yours truely,

Critical Mass